About This Website


To empower, encourage, and increase public understanding of bipolar disorder symptoms through health education. To thereby reduce stigma and promote mental health.


To raise bipolar symptom awareness for the patient, his/her loved ones, and the general public. This website will have accessible information regardless of audience geographic location or internet connection speed.

Intended Audience

This website has been made for the general public. This includes bipolar disorder patients, their friends, family, and all others desiring to increase their understanding about bipolar disorder symptoms.

About the Author

This website's content is written by Daniel Droogendijk, who is a registered psychiatric nurse. It is the author's purpose and mission to reduce mental illness stigma, increase health awareness, and to provide the public with accessible information.

Funding Sources

All funding for this website is provided by a private individual (author), who declares no conflict of interest that could impact the reliability or accuracy of this website's content.

2011 Update: This site is now accessed by thousands of visitors each month. In order to ensure continued access to this resource, the author has implemented some advertising to pay for maintaining the website and hosting.

Advertising Policy

This website does not promote or endorse any specific bipolar commercial products, services, or treatments. Advertising displayed on the site is managed and served by a third party.

The author of the website aims to be an independent content publisher and to represent the informational needs of patients, their families, and the public. Should you have any concerns regarding bipolar advertisements on this website, please contact the author.