Bipolar Depression Symptoms


What is apathy?

Apathy refers to indifference and lack of emotion.14 A person suffers from apathy when they do not have any feelings about events that normally evoke emotions. Apathy is also defined as a lack of motivation.42

What does apathy feel like?

The person feels indifferent. Nothing really matters, and very few things are important. Although they do not feel happy, they find it difficult to be very upset or disappointed.

How can I recognize this symptom?

The person seems indifferent to events that normally give pleasure or cause concern. The person neither responds expressively to positive or negative news, events, or experiences.

The apathetic person seems careless, indifferent, and "cold" emotionally. Possibly, their conversation and behavior seem rude and unpleasant.

How does this bipolar disorder symptom impact life?

The lack of drive caused by apathy interferes with a person's ability to function at school or work.

In severe apathy, the person may lack motivation to take care of his or her basic needs, such as hygiene & meals.

A person suffering from apathy ordinarily could be caring, expressive and emotional. This sudden shift in attitude can be confusing and difficult to understand for friends, family and co-workers.

My Story

It's not that I don't care about stuff when I'm depressed. I'm unable to care about stuff. I'm not indifferent, cold, or selfish. I want to be emotional, caring, and passionate. It's like the dentist put too much freezing in my head.

~ Atilio, Cuzco, Peru