Bipolar Depression Symptoms


What is fatigue?

Fatigue refers to a constant feeling of tiredness, lack of energy, and exhaustion. Tiredness and exhaustion continue despite adequate rest or sleep.14

What does it feel like to be fatigued?

The individual feels tired constantly, even when not exercising, or performing strenuous activities. The person may spend large amounts of time in bed, on a chair or couch. They may feel frustrated by their inability to be active like they used to.

How can I recognize this symptom?

The fatigued person needs more rest. There is a decrease in exercise and socialization.2

How does this bipolar disorder symptom impact life?

When fatigued, it is difficult to be active. As a result, the person becomes increasingly sedentary.

Prolonged fatigue accompanied by other bipolar symptoms lead to an imbalanced lifestyle. This makes recovery challenging.

My Story

I sleep 10 hours a night, and I still wake up tired. I stopped exercising hoping to save energy, but it just keeps getting worse. It does not matter if I exercise, rest, sleep, or watch T.V. - I feel tired, exhausted.

~ Louise, Abbott, TX