Bipolar Mania Symptoms


What is thoughtlessness?

Thoughtlessness refers to behavior that is rash, foolhardy, and reckless. The person may act impulsively and does not consider the consequences of their actions. Impaired judgment is common and the person may have limited or no insight into their high risk or unsafe behavior.

What is it like to experience thoughtlessness?

The consequences of thoughtlessness may result in feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment. If the mood switches to depression, the mistakes of mania may contribute to intense feelings of guilt and regret.24

The person may feel surprised by their actions and feel they are unable to trust themselves. Not knowing how a person will act during mania may feel unsettling.

How can I recognize this symptom?

Thoughtlessness is spotted by rash and reckless behavior.

Some examples of thoughtlessness are dangerous driving, using financial credit with no means to pay back, impulsively ending or starting intimate relationships, starting a new business without a business plan, and giving away highly valued personal belongings.

How does thoughtlessness impact life?

Thoughtlessness and other bipolar mania symptoms are associated with spending sprees, foolish investments,1 and increased criminal acitivity.15

Some examples of the chaos that may result from thoughtlessness are as follows:

Personal life:

Giving a $100 tip when ordering coffee. Not enough money is left over to buy groceries.

Social life:

Engaging in unsafe sex or promiscuity, risking unplanned pregnancy and exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.

Work Life:

Foolish investments. Purchasing expensive property for a new business and starting construction while not possessing a marketable product or a business license.

My Story

Thoughtlessness destroys my life. I hate it, I fight it, and I can't stop it. I lose my common sense, and end up hurting my relationships, my family, and my finances. I keep buying stuff I don't need, saying things I don't mean, and investing in stocks that I should avoid.

~ Lincoln, Vancouver, BC