Hypomanic Episode


What is hypomania?

Hypomania is a mood state in bipolar disorder. Hypomania literally means below mania, or less severe mania.

What is the difference between hypomania and mania?

Most mania symptoms present in hypomania, but with less intensity. You may review bipolar mania symptoms here.

Hypomania is not as debilitating as mania. The person remains able to function well in day to day activities. Psychosis does not happen in hypomania.

How does hypomania affect life?

There is an increase in creativity, goal-oriented behavior, and productivity. The person needs less sleep, has increased energy levels, and pursues new ambitions.

As the mood changes constantly in bipolar disorder, hypomania is usually temporary. For many, hypomania is an indicator of an approaching manic episode.

My Story

I love being hypomanic. It's like I've got everything under control. My boss is happy because I work hard, I get the house clean and make dinners for all week. My friends think I'm funny and we all have a good time. I burn lots of calories at the gym. Unfortunately, it never lasts long.

~ Audrey, Los Angeles, CA