Mixed Episode

Mixed State

What is a mixed state?

In mixed state, both symptoms of mania and depression occur at the same time.

There are two types of mixed states: dysphoric mania and agitated depression.

In dysphoric mania, the person is in a manic episode and experiences some depressive symptoms. In agitated depression, the person is in a depressive episode and experiences some mania symptoms.

What does it feel like to experience a mixed state?

Experiencing both mania and depression at the same time is extremely confusing and frustrating. The person may feel agitated. The simultaneous feelings are often extreme opposites e.g. euphoria and apathy.

This confusing state of mind can be very scary to the individual. The person may feel desperate to stop these feelings.

How does a mixed episode affect life?

A mixed state is an emergency.

The person may not know where to find help or how to stop the mixed state from happening. As a result, mixed state frequently results in suicide attempts and substance abuse.

During a mixed episode or mixed state, the person is usually not able to work, study, or enjoy their personal lives.

My Story

The tears were rolling down my cheek as I was laughing. It felt extreme, unnatural and very uncomfortable. I would have traded all of my money to make it go away. My sister saw me and phoned for help. With the treatment I have now, I don't experience mixed state anymore.

~ Adam, Calgary, AB